Ceramic-Type Fuse

*Note: Dimensions in Millimeters

Ceramic-Type Fuse


  • For European Vehicles
  • Number of Fuses: (one of 2.5A, 5A, four of 8A, three of 16A)
Part No.:
Ceramic-Type Fuse: 5A Yellow, Bulk Qty: 100 704073003
Ceramic-Type Fuse: 8A White, Bulk Qty: 100 025889003
Ceramic-Type Fuse: 16A Red, Bulk Qty: 100 089015003
Ceramic-Type Fuse: 25A Blue, Bulk Qty: 100 091603003
Ceramic-Type Fuse: 40A Grey, Bulk Qty: 100 713144003
Ceramic-Type Fuse Assortment 003481803

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